Why Sex Is So Important to Your Wife

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A Good wife is a result of having a good Sex Life.

Are you always wondering why your wife just seems too weak or is getting tired easily with all the household work? And sometimes she would almost lie down and become very often lazy in all of the activities due to her lack of energy.

Maybe it’s because her body just need sex. Yes, it’s Sex.

According to a study, the sex has a good benefit on every woman’s health. Based on a book published, “The Journal of Sexual Medicine” those women who rarely have sex, or just have sex twice a month, are more often got ill than those who are experiencing regular orgasms.

Also based on the research of the Women’s Health Program at Monash University in Australia, the female who regularly have orgasm can also have higher levels of energy, they will rarely get sick and have better psychological outlook.

One should also remember that sex is not just simply getting to it or just doing it. It is also important to know that the husband should always satisfy his wife desires and make sure that he can delivered her to the climax and make her to the finish line. The climax gives the woman high levels of energy and also brings health benefits to her. Making her strong, active and healthy.

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Therefore, a husband should always provide and give sexual activities to his wife. This is the same health advise by doctors when they advise a person to drink several glasses of water every day, or the equivalent of eating 8 – 10 servings of fruits and vegetables.


Some of the benefits available to women in the sex helps to get rid of stress and lowers blood pressure.

It has also been found out that a couple who has sex twice a week will get a high level of antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA, which protects the body from colds and also protects various infections.

It is also a good exercise to burn the calories in the body. There are also studies that sex is good for the heart. It also stabilizing pelvic floor muscles.

And most of all, sex helps all those who are suffering insomnia because after the sexual activity, it helps give someone a wonderful and relaxing feeling which will make you sleep all night.

So do not blame your wife when you are coming home from work asking for a delicious dinner and you see your wife feeling lazy and unenergetic, just always remember that maybe you have less sexual activity in the past few weeks.

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