Tuberculosis is a Common Health Problem in the Philippines


Most of us know about the infectious disease called Tuberculosis. It is a communicable disease that is a worldwide health problem ever since. Several countries have medical interventions that are made to be highly accessible for all patients like that of a government program in the Philippines.

Tuberculosis, as a common disease, is a communicable or infectious disease that is caused by various strains of a mycobacteria or what we call mycobacterium tuberculosis. This can be transmitted via droplets from one infected person who sneezes or coughs out to another person.

Known symptoms of such condition include cough and fever for two weeks or more, chest and back pains, night sweats, fatigue, sudden weight loss, difficult of breathing and hemoptysis or coughing up with blood. Some people may have not taken these seriously and suffer for severe cases that will lead to death.

In the Philippines, the National TB Program (NTP) of the Department of Health (DOH) offers service to Filipinos through Directly-Observed Treatment Short Course (TBDC) strategy to be able to help treat TB patients by providing free TB medicines. Along with the process, the health care providers in the stations will be able to detect possible TB cases before undergoing with such treatment. For several years, this has been the access of TB patients especially the indigent to acquire quality health care as they fight for their state to wellness.

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As soon as this disease develops, one way is to have a visit to your doctor and be given medical advice and treatment.

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