Tips for Preventing Heart Diseases


Heart diseases are among the top killer disease in the world. Physical exercise plays helps in preventing heart diseases. Exercise can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by a factor of three. However, do you no know that enduring exercises can damage your heart? These exercises includes marathon running. Diet planning plays a major role in prevention of heart diseases. Foods which have high cholesterol content and salt have to be avoided. Which foods should you leave out?

Tips for Preventing Heart Diseases. Foods containing saturated fats and transfat must be cut off from the diet as they increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. How do we avoid these fats? Ensure that you pay keen attention on food labels before purchasing any food. Though food labels may not be 100% correct, it better to choose foods whose fat content has been approved by the health regulators. Solid fat consumption can also be reduced. Choosing fat free meat helps reduce the intake solid fat.

Consumption of more quantities of salts leads to high blood pressure. According to American Heart Association, adults should consume teaspoonful of salt per day. To cut on high salt intake, avoid eating at the food joints or hotels .It’s hard to know the quantities of salt which have been added on food. Instead eat home cooked food as flavours can be added on food hence lowering the quantity of salt to be added on food.

Besides preventing weight gain, diabetes and colon cancer, high fibre helps to lower total blood cholesterol levels. This is attributed by lowering low density lipoprotein cholesterol levels. Foods rich in fibres such as vegetables and whole grains should occupy the larger part of your diet. One should aim at consuming at least 18 grams of fibre per day.

In conclusion, heart diseases can be prevented just like any other type of disease. Foods should be selected wisely from the available food groups. Salt consumption should not exceed 6 grams per day to avoid the risk of high blood pressure. Healthy heart eating should be considered in every day meals foe quality life.

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