Tetanus Toxoid Vaccination for mother and child in Pregnancy


During pregnancy the Tetanus Toxoid Vaccination shots  will be provided for you may notice that mothers are given this vaccination shots. Any health care provider would constantly require mothers during a pre-natal check up for a TT vaccination unless they have already completed the doses. Why this vaccination is so important that it should not be missed every pre-natal visit?

Tetanus is a life threatening disease that is caused by the toxin of a bacterium called Clostridium tetani. The tetanus bacteria can enter the body when there is an open wound like scratch on the skin. You can get the infection if you have a deep puncture wound like bite, cut, or an ulcer. Good thing that there is a vaccination. To prevent such fatal condition, we are actually required to have 5 doses of Tetanus Toxoid vaccination for a lifetime protection.

The World Health Organization (WHO) together with the Department of Health (DOH) in the Philippines strictly follows the policy on Complete Tetanus Toxoid vaccination to pregnant women as soon as they go to the health stations for prenatal visits. This is to help antibodies be passed on to the baby for his or her protection for few months after birth. Usually, mothers are given first two doses of TT vaccine with one month interval. Third dose is after 6 months. Fourth and Fifth doses are of one year interval.

Health care providers keep on reminding mothers to always have a record of their TT vaccination as a reference the next time she gets pregnant again. Through this health education, concerned citizens will be able to know more on how to prevent the disease and maintain optimal health.

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