Summer Tips to Prevent Heat Stroke


Manila Philippines, PAGASA or Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Association has now officially announce and declared the beginning of summer season today March 26, 2014. The Philippines is now entering the hottest season of the year.

Who would not love a summer season? As some would say, summer is the season of a getaway fun.  Activities like going to the beach, getting skin tanned and enjoying wide view of nature are so much desired for a vacation. We may have good times under the sun but too much exposure brings no good at all.

Too much of exposure to the heat of the sun with major exertion may lead to Heat Stroke, a condition when a body’s temperature is elevated dramatically. This is a fatal condition that needs immediate medical attention before it gets more serious. Heat stroke may result to death if left untreated in just a span of few hours.

PAG-ASA has now declared summer in the Philippines. Just last summer this year, there were reports on death cases caused by heat stroke in the Philippines. See link Most victims were workers that physically exert themselves under the sun. The reports alarmed the citizens, and so the government focused on health education like preventing dehydration, a cause of heat stroke. The health experts emphasized to the public the basic importance of drinking water which is for rehydration. Some may have not taken this too seriously, not until it was made known to the public as fatal.

Heatstroke: A deadly hazard of summer

Getting exposed with too much body exertion under the sun may not be that dangerous as long as we keep re-hydrating ourselves. Drinking 8 glasses of water is the basic rule and that should not be always taken for granted, thus we say, prevention is better than cure.

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