The onset of Pneumonia from Typhoon Haiyan


The super typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) caused a massive destruction to several homes particularly in Tacloban, Leyte in the Philippines just a month ago. Filipinos grieved much on troubled and lost lives. Some victims are still hoping to see their relatives survived and alive from the calamity. But two weeks after the typhoon, though they have surpassed the tragedy, victims struggled to survive another problem on health, which is Pneumonia. See link Pneumonia Threat from the Typhoon Haiyan

The Department of Health has reported that there is a sudden increase of death cases due to respiratory infections including Pneumonia (inflammatory condition of the lung). This is characterized by symptoms of fever, cough, chest pain and difficulty of breathing and can be caused by a bacteria or virus. If left untreated, severe conditions may lead to death just like what happened in Tacloban.

Lack of shelters, too much exposure to the bad weather, insufficient clothing, insufficient foods and medical remedies are the evident reasons why they have developed such illness. Additionally, the spread of the disease is so fast that it affects most of the flooded victims. The DOH responded on the situation with the help of health professionals, by sorting out victims who are possible of getting the infection. The diagnosed patients are then referred to the public health authorities for treatment.

The United States, together with other concern countries, made their ways on extending help by sending off relief goods to the victims especially those contributory for health care. They continue giving off funds for the health wellness of the victims.

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