Nursing Moms: Breast Feeding Basics


Physicians and other health care personnel have been advocating Breast Feeding Basics. Studies have shown that infants who take breast milk until two years of age have higher immunity and lesser chances of having lactose intolerance. It is the ideal nutrition for infants because it contains almost every vitamin and mineral an infant needs. It reduces the risk of gastroenteritis, contains antibodies which reduce the incidents of allergies such as asthma and eczema and other immunological diseases. Since its has been stored within the body it has the ideal temperature for the infants, making it readily available.

 However not all mothers may be allowed to give breastfeeding for the reasons that the mother may have serious or chronic illness which may need chemotherapeutic treatments and other medications. Treatments may be passed from the mother to the infant. Mothers who are currently pregnant are not allowed to give breastfeeding because a certain hormone called oxytocin is released. This hormone causes the uterus to contract which may lead to miscarriage.

 During breastfeeding it is important to consider the diet of the mother. Her diet must include high in protein for building muscles. Example of which are beans, nuts, Liver, egg, lean meat, fish and poultry, milk cheese, leafy vegetables.

Carbohydrates are essential for energy. These may be found in sugars, starchy vegetables such as potatoes and corn, fruits and milk

Foliate is for brain development. These includes green leafy vegetables, dried peas and beans, legumes, seeds, liver, orange juice, some fruits; breads and cereals and other grains fortified with folic acid.

Mothers may wonder why their infants aren’t having enough nutrients or why an infant keeps on crying even though they have been breastfed. To determine if the child is sucking well: the infant’s chin must be touching the breast, his mouth is wide open, lower lip turned toward, and more areola visible above than below the mouth


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