Malaria in the Philippines


The Philippines is known to have forests, hills and other beautiful views of nature. Some spots were frequently visited by tourists. With the beauty of nature, not only humans have been attracted to it but also many species that have found a habitat of their own. However, there is danger when species like mosquitoes cause serious illnesses to humans specifically from a Plasmodium.

Plasmodium species is a cause of a disease called Malaria. Several years ago there was an outbreak of malaria in the Philippines that killed a large number of residents in the infested areas. Health professionals were deployed to the community areas to help treat the victims and control the epidemic case of malaria.

This plasmodium species infects a person by injecting or puncturing human skin and transmits the virus to a human’s bloodstream. An infected person, not aware that he or she is already been bitten can get killed even in just an hour.

In 1990, the World Health Organization (WHO) got alarmed with the record of 86,200+ malaria cases in the Philippines. Together with the Department of Health (DOH), WHO implemented programs on health awareness for all citizens especially in high risk areas. In the recent reports, malaria cases have been fortunately decreased but the programs are still operating to further prevent it to occur.

In community areas, preventive measures are highly encouraged to all residents like having repellent sprays or lotions for protection and maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation. Mostly, if symptoms occur, they are advised to immediately go to the nearest health facility. So in other words, it is here we best say prevention is better than cure.

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