Lose Weight by Exercising


Make Exercise a part of the routine

Exercising can sometimes be boring and with the busy lives it is difficult to extract time for exercise. So the best way to start exercising without even knowing is to ease with exercise and infuse it into daily household chores. The best and the foremost way to add exercise in the daily routine is by walking. There are other small activities which can account into lose of weight, such as:

  • Bicycling instead of driving.
  • Cleaning house or lawn or yard is the best way to burn calories in idle time.
  • Use stairs in place of elevator or escalator.
  • Walk the dog or go on a walk with friends.


Make an exercising schedule

In order to get into exercise a determined mind is needed. But mostly due to lack of time or due to sheer laziness people tend to give up exercise easily. So the best way is to chalk out a schedule and follow it religiously. Each and every one has a different type of body and so needs different regime, thus, workouts should be tailored according to the need of body and age.

  • Brisk walking, jogging or running is the best to start a day for losing weight.
  • Cardio is the fastest way to burn calories and improve blood circulation in the system.
  • Strength-training, weight lifting and machine works further tones the body.


Adding variety to Workouts

Doing the same workout can become monotonous and boring. Adding variety to the workouts and at the same time learning new activities can be fun. Trying out new sport or dance form can make workouts more enticing and a kick to the boring daily routine. Few such activities are:

  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Aerobics
  • Zumba Classes
  • Dance forms like hip-hop, break dancing and others.



Losing weight is a long term process and needs patience. Thus motivating oneself is very important. Every step towards exercising will lead to lose in weight, better immune system and a healthy life. Know and talk about the benefits of exercising, living healthy and consequences of obesity, health problems due to obesity and its risk to life.

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