Innovation in Health Care Technology


3D Printed Biological Materials

3D printers are being widely used by engineers and specialist in other fields from manufacture of arms to building models of buildings. 3D printers have started being used in health care technology now days, but still work is going on how to make extensive use of such printers in solving health issues among people. Few applications of 3D printers which can make an impact on medical science and lives in the near future are as follows:

Embryonic Stem Cells: The embryonic stem cells after being successfully printed in the lab is aimed to successfully create tissue, someday, which would help in testing drugs and assisting new organ’s growth.

Printing Skin: With 3D printers the medical science will become more advanced. Nowadays with the help of medical science burnt and diseased skin are being cured and with 3D printers and laser printed skin cells, it will take science to the next level.

Blood Vessels and Heart Tissue: With increasing heart problems an artificial heart is needed to help patient to live long. Organovo, a successful company, has printed blood vessel and heart tissue achieving the dreams of helping people to live longer.

Replacing Bone and Cartilage: Doctors along with the help of scientists and 3D printers are able to create stem cells which would eventually in the long run develop into bone and cartilage and successfully replace damaged bone and cartilage.

Studying Cancer: 3D printers are used to print cancer cells so that it can be grown in a tissue to study in order to study and make reports on it. Drugs could be tested on it and a definite solution can be made.

Patching a Broken Heart: A recent study on rat proved that 3D printers are being successfully used to patch cells of heart, suffering from heart attack. This patching on the broken heart would help in proper functioning of the heart eventually.


Replacement Organs: Every year millions of people undergo heart or other organ transplant. It becomes very difficult and lengthy process to find a donor. But with the help of 3D printer, new organ or parts of it can be printed and implanted. This would be a revolution in medical history and would save many lives.

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