Heart Disease in the Philippines


Heart Disease is one of the leading causes of death or mortality case in the Philippines. Aside from the hereditary factor, studies show that one major factor that leads to this disease is the unhealthy diet. This is evident as to how Filipinos favoured much on consuming high in cholesterol foods. There are a lot of commercialized foods that have been sold in the market and Filipinos are likely to avail much of those.

Having an unhealthy diet is a very bad practice. Eating too much of high in cholesterol foods for a long time may cause a plaque or clot build up in the blood vessel which in turn increases blood pressure and decreases or blocks blood flow to the heart, thus a heart disease occurs. If it is left untreated, a heart attack may happen eventually that it will lead to cardiac arrest then death.

Fatty and salty foods like that of pork dishes or food that has high fats and cholesterol (lechon, humba, etc.) for instance dried fish and some other Filipino popular foods can contribute to such plaque build-up if not eaten moderately. You may not be able to feel it earlier but as years go by, that plaque may get even larger that it will cause to block your blood’s way to your vital organs.

According to the NSO, from 2011 report, Heart Disease remained on top as a killer disease in the Philippines. See link http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/lifestyle/10/20/11/heart-disease-phs-top-killer-nso.

Unfortunately, this is still evident in the current situation in the country. Here we say, keeping a healthy lifestyle is your way to have a healthy heart or the other way around.

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