Health Education – A practice to prevent HIV/AIDS in the Philippines


As we all know, there is still no cure for an asymptomatic and deathly disease widely known as HIV/AIDS. Several countries are still promoting health awareness to people and cases of this are unfortunately still increasing. The Philippines is just one of the countries with increasing number of citizens affected with HIV/AIDS.

Aids Symptoms

HIV means Human Immunodeficiency Virus while AIDS is an Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. HIV attacks the T-cell of a human being, which is the key cell of the body’s immune system. Destroying of normal cells will lead to AIDS which makes a person’s immune system weak and prone for opportunistic infections. One commonly known transmission is through unprotected sexual intercourse. Others are transmissions from infected blood products and mother to child during pregnancy.

Aids in Philippines 2012

This year, the Department of Health (DOH) reports that the HIV/AIDS cases in the Philippines have been increased from last year (2012). Highest percentage of this case goes to a homosexual group specifically from male to male transmission. See link Aids in the philippines report  and this seems to alarm the health government since the spread of this disease has gone fast. So, the best way the government has done to prevent such case to happen is through Health Education.

Since HIV/AIDS still has no known cure, promoting health through awareness of people seems to be the only key to be HIV/AIDS free. The use of condoms is encouraged for further protection in cases of multiple contacts.

Many practices have taken place all over the world, but as an individual, the important thing you must have is awareness to promote health and prevent spread of the disease.

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