Happiness Linked to Longer Life


Being happy can add to life years by 7.5 to 10 years or maybe longer and Happiness Linked to Longer Life. It may not cure diseases nor make you rich but it shows that happy people tend to be more watchful of their surroundings and their health.

Though with the ever changing world—like unpredictable stock markets, unemployment and global warming, it may be difficult putting a little smile. Even little things may look absurd when actually; it is in the perspective of one person that could change how he defines happiness and how he can achieve them.

  1. Doing random acts of kindness. Giving makes us a better person. It doesn’t have to be material things, time can be the greatest thing a person could give. People are so worried thinking about their own woes that they fail to see that solutions are bigger than their problems.
  2. Appreciating simple things. Like putting small notes in your mother’s purse before she works.
  3. Being social. Even strangers make a good company even for a small talk by the coffee shop.
  4. Give happiness a new meaning. Having material things goes obsolete but unlike memories, you can rewind and never goes old.
  5. Count your blessings. It may sound ludicrous but by writing all the blessings you receive may make you realize that the
  6. See the glass half-full. Look at the brighter side or turning a threat into an opportunity.
  7. Being creative and adventurous. What do you do when you feel despair? Expressing yourself through art gives you the light feeling you need to go through the day. Have a nice walk in the park when you feel stressed. Nature does have a lot of happy sources.
  8. Seize the moment. Waiting for the date? Why not invite them instead?
  9. Think of positive moments.
  10. It never hurts to smile, even smiles have categories. A sad smile, an angry smile and a hilarious smile.

Happiness does not refer to being a happy-go-lucky guy but more of harmony between the mind, body and soul.

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