Eating Street Foods in the Philippines


Street foods are very popular in the Philippines. These are ready to eat foods or drinks that are sold in a street or public place by a vendor in a portable stall.  Indeed, these foods taste good. Street foods like fish balls, squid balls, isaw (barbecued pig or chicken intestines), kwek kwek (hard boiled chicken eggs) and tempura are the best sellers that what you usually see in the stalls. These are very cheap and to some Filipinos these are just enough to eat for a meal.

On the contrary, these ready to eat foods in the streets are dangerous for these may harbour bacteria that can cause gastrointestinal infections. Through unhygienic preparations, these foods may become contaminated and if ingested will cause diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting and any other signs of gastrointestinal infection. If in case, severe diarrhea happens and uncontrolled, this may lead to shock and death. Most common bacteria found in street foods are Salmonella, Escherichia coli (Ecoli) and Bacilleus cereus.

Street foods are indeed cheap, but a hospitalization is not cheap at all. You do not want to get stressed out because you are ill. So, you must be very careful of what you eat and drink.

As an individual, you know how bad a food can be by just observing the environment around it. You must be aware of the basic food handling practices and if you are in doubt of the food’s safety, you must then not eat it to further protect yourself from getting a disease.

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