Drug Addiction problem in the Philippines


Drug Addiction in the Philippines. Most countries are still facing with a youth problem – Drug Addiction. Out of curiosity, young people indulge to illegal drug consumption. As a simple analysis, increasing cases of illegal drug addiction leads to high rates of crime in any countries including the Philippines.

The Philippine Government fears on this case since most affected are young people. Most common illegal drugs that have been pushed and used are marijuana, LSD, opiates and barbiturates. Either rich or poor, illegal drug use attracts deeply these young people due to peer pressure. This problem may have been overlooked and not given much attention over the years but this condition should be focused on. Additionally, there is death cases reported related to this issue. To further prevent this case to rise up, the government is currently operating on campaign against Illegal Drug use.

Just recently, aside from the government campaigns, a new organization has formed –the Narcotic Foundation of the Philippines. This is a private association that aims to raise funds for the treatment and reorientation of young addicts, and to give health education to the public about the bad effects brought by illegal use of drugs or drug addiction. The people in this new organization hope to see a brighter future for young people in the country.

The schools play also an important part in helping the youth to get rid of these illegal drugs. Involvement of education on illegal drug use and its bad effects is a contributory factor that will update the young ones’ understanding on this particular issue

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