Children’s Eye Health and Safety

It is important to always check the Children’s Eye Health and Safety. There is a significant increase of children having eye problems every year. It may not seem obvious but out of the ten children at school three may not have a 20/20 vision.

The common factors are caused by genetics, inadequate nutrients for the eye and improper usage. Staying for long hours in front of the computer risks having astigmatism, a condition wherein the corneas are uneven. This causes the images as distorted, seemingly at different distances.

Wearing of glasses and contact lenses may correct them. Others may prefer a more permanent treatment such as surgery but getting a donor isn’t that simple. You need a fresh cornea for that.

These are the things that you should watch out for. Eyes are probably the most important part of the human senses.

Protecting your eyes from the sun decreases your chance of having myopia (also called near-sightedness). Studies show that children who frequently play under the sun have increased dopamine, a hormone that inhibits eye growth.

Avoid rubbing your eyes even when they’re itchy. The best way to remove the itch is by rinsing them with water. That way you don’t only remove the itch but also remove the debris from your eyes. It’s also important that when you’re out of reach from water, do remember to wipe your eyes from the inner area to the outer. You don’t want to risk having an infection.

If you’re using contact lenses, always change the solution and never add new from the old one. It may have permitted the bacterial growth. Aside from that, getting into the pool threatens your eyes from having more infection. Wear goggles as a protection.

Don’t let your eyes get dry. Your lids aren’t there for aesthetic effect, blink more. They moisten you eyes to prevent them from drying. When watching TV, close your eyes during commercial breaks. As you stare at your screen, you blink less.

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