Breast Cancer Battle in the Philippines


The Department of Health and Philippine Cancer Society, Inc. reported that breast cancer is the most common cancer in the country from being ranked as second to lung cancer from the previous years. The Philippines also belong as one of the countries that has the highest rate of breast cancer in Asia, as reported. See the Highest Breast Cancer Rate in Asia article.

Breast Cancer Rates and Statistics in the Philippines

Every woman in the world is afraid to develop a life threatening illness – Breast Cancer. But whenever it does occur, no woman is unwilling to face such battle in order to survive. This is more emphasized especially on the month of October, which is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month in some countries even in the Philippines. Filipinos help each other through implementation of programs or activities that help build funds for the breast cancer victims.

Unfortunately, there were already sufferers that had her breast/s removed. According to the statistics, 90% of Filipino women preferred to undergo full mastectomy (removal of the beasts) as a surgical treatment than having breasts conserved. The top reasons why they prefer such treatment according to R. Malilay, et al, are financial constraints, radiotherapy conditions, and lack of information about breast conservation.

Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention

For most survivors, preference to full mastectomy results to social and psychological issues and concern relating to adaptation to changes, particularly on the loss of one breast or both. With such case arising, health awareness is very important to be emphasized by both private and government health sectors in the Philippines. Part of it is surviving through health education especially on early detection of breast cancer.

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