Anti-smoking Campaign in the Philippines


When people become satisfied with the pleasure they attain, they may find it hard to live without it. One said that smoking becomes his past time activity or mood boosting activity and he does find pleasure in it. On the contrary, does this have good effects on you and your health?

Smoking was never been good to human’s health. Thousands of lives have been wasted because of such kind of pleasure. A pleasure that leads to an addiction to nicotine, which is the main substance found in tobacco. Smoking is no good since it causes serious bad health conditions to develop like respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.

In the Philippines, a case on tobacco smoking is very high. The Department of Health (DOH) reported that smoking related illnesses among Filipinos have increased. Some of which are second hand smokers or non-smokers who breathe in nicotine and other chemical substances from a person smoking near him or her. So, even if you do not smoke, you will still be affected especially when you are too much exposed to a tobacco smoke.

The DOH is still campaigning for a Smoking Free Environment. In Davao City, the government has already implemented its ordinance on anti-smoking law. See link . If found smoking in public areas, a violator will have to pay 500 pesos and be subjected for a health counselling on smoking in a nearby health center. Through campaigns on anti-smoking, the government is still hopeful in attaining a healthy and smoke free environment for all Filipinos.

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