5 Foods to Avoid in Summer


Non-Vegetarian Food
It is better to avoid non-vegetarian foods including red meat, egg, prawn and others are heavy food which generates excessive heat in summers. They are high in cholesterol and fats. They are greasy foods which creates a lining in the stomach, thus, slowing down digestion and drains out a lot of fluids from the body.

Roasted Food
Roasted foods are extremely popular during summer barbecues and parties, but they are a spoiler after party as they generate heat and can causes diarrhea. It also creates gastric problems, bloating, and uneasiness and can also lead to constipation during summer.

Summer marks the entry of king of fruits, Mangoes. It has essential Vitamins and minerals. But it is also a fact that it is high in sugar content and is a body warming food. Eating too many mangoes can lead to gain in weight and even develop pimples which is something neither preferred by teenagers or adults.

Aerated Drinks and Desserts
Sodas, Soft drinks, cold water, canned sweetening drink are cool and quench thirst but are body warming foods. In order to get temporary relief it ends up making stomach hotter from inside leading to skin problems like acne and pimples, stomach problems like constipation and irritable bowels and others.

Ice creams, pastries, cookies and others should be avoided during summers as they are body warming foods. It may end up in increment of weight and uneasiness.

Junk and Street Foods
Burgers, chips, French fries, pizzas, hot dogs and other street junk foods relatively increase chances of getting food poisoning and improper digestion. The spice content in such street food is much higher than regular level of spice intake. Spices are known to boost the rate of metabolism and generate excessive heat. So it is better to be avoided.

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