3D bioprinting of tissues and organs to improve the quality of life future days

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image from google

3D bioprinting of Tissues andOrgans -There is an increase in the demand of organ transplant among the people worldwide. The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network give an estimate of more than 121,000 people who are waiting for organ transplant procedure. Where will this entire people get organs from? Bioprinting which is also known as 3-D printing is holding is expected to solve such problems in the future. The new technology of printing of various organ promises a brighter future in the years to come. Organs such as skin, liver and kidney can now be printed. This printing is referred to as 3-d printing. This technology is not fully accepted by all the people. When will this resistance end?

Skin printing is of great importance to the victims of fire accidents and skin cuts. The skin is made up of different layers of cells. Open wounds on the skin can lead to entry of harmful microorganisms in the body if the correct measures are not taken. 3-D Technology of printing human skin ensures that these openings are filled with cells accordingly. How will skin printing procedure be carried out?

The medical scientist begin by taking healthy cells from the patient’s body, they grow the in an incubator where different growth parameters such as temperature, are controlled. Once fully grown, the cells are filled in ink jet cartilages which had prior been cleaned and sterilized. A camera scans the wound by use of lasers and a 3-D map of the wound or burn. A signal is sent to the computer and it informs the printer on the kind of cells to use, whether Keratinocytes (Top cells) or Fibroblasts when printing the wound or burn. These cells integrate with other living body tissue and become new skin after a short period of medication.

3D BioPrinting technology promises to improve the quality of people through saving of life. Will this technology meet the demand of organ transplant in the world? However these printed organs such as liver are not in use. Once the necessary research is done by the scientist in this medical field, the organs will be approved for usage.

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