3 Most Deadly Diseases in the Philippines


Cerebrovascular Stroke

Cerebrovascular disease or stroke is one of the deadliest diseases as it leads to spot death or permanent brain damage. It happens when blood flow in the brain is interrupted due to blockage and blood vessels eventually burst. The biggest reason for stroke is high blood pressure which is increasing in people day by day because of the unhealthy life style and work pressure.



Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a virus which multiplies itself in the body and breakdowns the immune system of the body. It has three main stages: Acute infection, clinical latency and AIDS.

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is a full blown HIV Virus and the advanced or final stage of HIV. Doctors still don’t have any cure for this deadly disease. The infection attacks T-cells, helps in fighting foreign diseases, and weakens the immune system to such a level that even cold or flu can prove fatal to the patient. It is caused by sexual contact, exposure to infected needles or body fluids and from affected mother to child while pregnancy or breast feeding. Proper care needs to be taken of such patient keeping them away from germs. People should be well known about this disease and take necessary precautions to avoid following prey of one of the most fatal disease.

Lung Cancer

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases which effects people in a large number every year. Lung cancer amongst other breast cancer, prostate cancer and other types of cancer is the most fatal. And the biggest cause of lung cancer being smoking and consuming tobacco among other reasons. It is the abnormal growth of lung cells which is unable to destroy carcinogenic substance and develops tumor due to which supply of oxygen to the blood stream interrupts. It not only affects people smoking but also non-smokers breathing air full of smoke. It is likely to cause massive danger to mother conceiving and smoking. So stop smoking, increase your life span and step towards a healthy and better life.

These are the Most Deadly Diseases in the Philippines.

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